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Since 02/13/2008
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Troop 157 Eagle's Nest

Troop 157 currently has 60 Eagle Scouts in the Eagle's Nest! 

1994 - 1st Eagle Scout awarded

1998 - 10th Eagle Scout awarded

2004 - 20th Eagle Scout awarded

2006 - 30th Eagle Scout awarded

2009 - 40th Eagle Scout awarded

2011 - 50th Eagle Scout awarded

2015 - 60th Eagle Scout awarded


Eagle Projects


Paul Vogtlin 12/15/94 - Managed the refurbishing and re-landscaping of the Gilbert Cemetery, Gilbert, IA.

12/18/94 - Managed the refurbishing and landscaping of the Mitchell Cemetery near Gilbert, Iowa


Peter Stoehr 03/10/95 - Parents of elementary age children in Gilbert were given the opportunity to have their children fingerprinted and vital statistics added to the fingerprint cards.  this information could then be used for identification purposes in the event of an abduction, a missing child, or the suspicious death of the child.


Bradley Fitz 03/21/96 - Planned and managed a landscaping project at Gilbert Lutheran Church.

Matthew Weber 09/13/96 - Helped design and manage the construction of a bridge in McFarland Park, Ames, IA.


Josh Nordyke 03/08/97 - Refurbished the Mitchell Cemetery, Gilbert, IA.

Sean O'Rourke 3/23/97 - Planned and presented a Lyme disease education program to Gilbert grade school children, Alliant Energy employees and various city and county conservation groups.

Jacob Henn 04/22/97 - Set up a Bicycle Rodeo behind Grace Bible Church.  Gilbert children were invited to have their bicycles inspected and licensed and then could test their cycling skills through an obstacle course.


Aaron Jones 08/31/98 - Constructed distance signage and placed them around the walking path at Moore Memorial Park, Ames, IA.

David Faden 10/30/98 - Cleaned up and landscaped the park area on the NE corner of Bloomington Rd. and Top-O-Hollow Rd. (Top-O-Hollow neighborhood Improvement Project), Ames, Iowa.


David Whetstone 02/01/99 - Managed the clean-up, repairing and repainting playground equipment in Lions' Park, Gilbert, Iowa.

Matthew Redling 11/15/99 - Managed the construction of two bridges in Upstill Park, Gilbert, Iowa.


James Stenstrom 08/14/00 - Helped design and build a patio and garden memorial area behind Gilbert Lutheran Church.

Benjamin Gunning 10/04/00 - Refurbished and landscaped the courtyard located behind Edwards School.


Steven Hameister 02/28/01 - Numbered all light poles in Gilbert, Iowa using a map supplied by Gilbert Municipal Utilities (GMU).  Customers can use the numbering system to give GMU an exact location of a problem light pole.

Anton Redling 09/26/01 - Finished construction of the walking path at Upstill Park, Gilbert, Iowa.


Jonathan Weber 11/14/02 - Coordinated the building of a drainage ditch and fence around the St. Cecilia Church garbage dumpster and the planting of perennials, Ames, Iowa.


Lawrence Werner III 10/15/03 - Installed dugout benches, number signage at each soccer field and information signage at the entrance to Upstill Park, Gilbert, Iowa.


Michael Weber 02/29/04 - Landscaped the flag pole and playground area, St. Cecilia Elementary School, Ames, Iowa.

Matt Polito 09/01/04 - repaired equipment and fabricated hide boxes for the Story county Search and Rescue Team training facility.

Collin Lamkey 09/02/04 - Coordinated the building of an arbor (shade structure) at the Iowa Arboretum.

Scott O'Rourke 09/30/04 - Coordinated the placement of two pieces of play equipment to provide outdoor activities for handicapped children and added rubber tiling under the equipment for easy access of wheelchairs, Gilbert Elementary School, Gilbert, Iowa.


Brady Clary 06/06/05 - Wired cordless microphones in classrooms at Gilbert Elementary School, Gilbert, Iowa.

Barret Werner 06/06/05 - Placed posts with signage labeling the trees and plants along the foot path in Upstill Park, Gilbert, IA. 


Spencer Bradley 03/05/06 - Installed two outdoor water fountains at Gilbert Elementary School, Gilbert, Iowa.

Evan Rickels 06/02/06 - Constructed a retaining wall at the Harvest Evangelical Free Church, Story City, Iowa.

Andrew Underwood 09/24/06 - Constructed outside bathroom facilities for the Pleasant Grove Community Church northeast of Ames, Iowa.

Levi Long 09/27/06 - Remodeled the kitchen in the Emergency Residence Project (ERP), Ames, Iowa.

Zach Miller 10/04/06 - Landscaped at the Cornerstone Church, Ames, Iowa.

Michael Franklin 10/11/06 - Planned and implemented various landscaping projects at Memorial Lutheran Church, Ames, Iowa.


Tristan Gray 06/25/07 - Constructed park benches in the Squaw Valley neighborhood, Ames, Iowa.


William Underwood 03/10/08 - Planned and organized the refurbishing, repair and cleaning of Lion's Park, Gilbert, Iowa.

Zachary Janes 03/31/08 - Built shelving to store student's winter clothing and boots at Gilbert elementary School, Gilbert, Iowa.

Nicholas Lamkey 09/30/08 - Refurbished the trail at Camp Canwita, Ames, IA.

Gage Hasstedt 10/09/08- Designed and built an outdoor bouldering wall at the Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, Iowa.

11/08 - Designed and build a sand volleyball court at the Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, Iowa.


Jeb Gent 02/17/09 - Rebuilt the flag pole and base at the Gilbert High School football field, Gilbert, IA.                                                                                                                                                                                             

Daniel Hill 02/26/09 - Constructed a gravel pathway for a canoe portage on the Skunk River at River Valley Park.  

Kaleb Popp 02/26/09 - Constructed under pew hymnal racks at Gilbert Lutheran Church, Gilbert, IA.

Dan Oftelie 06/01/09 - Managed landscaping projects around Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, IA.

Clay Long 06/01/09 - Constructed two shot put circles and stop boards at Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, IA.

Kyle Strom 08/23/09 - Managed the construction and placement of the directional signs to parks in Gilbert, IA.

Julian Peters 09/13/09 - Constructed two tether ball courts at Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, IA.


Logan Werner 11/30/10 - Built six picnic tables and refurbished the 40&8 American Legion cabin.

Trevor Jackson 12/12/10 - Added additional fencing around the Brice Janvrin baseball field, Upstill Park, Gilbert, IA.  


Gerritt Vandenberg 12/13/10 - Constructed chairs for the common area, Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, IA.


Jacob Lamkey 03/22/11 - Constructed a booth for the Iowa Arboretum staff to use at the Iowa State Fair.  

Brandon Thimmesch 04/06/11 - Constructed a retaining wall and completed landscaping at the former Gilbert High School football field, Gilbert, IA.

Nikolaus Joel 04/06/11 - Painted and refurbished the retreat house at St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church, Ames, IA. 

Cory Morrissey 05/04/11 - Installed watering system for the practice field at Gilbert Middle School, Gilbert, IA.


Nolan Adair 02/27/12 - Installed flag pole and completed landscaping at Gilbert Lions Park, Gilbert, IA.

Karl Nicholson 02/27/12 - Constructed school library circulation desk at Gilbert Elementary School, Gilbert, IA.

Alex Samson 04/22/12 - Assembled and installed swing set and handicap access on Gilbert Middle School playground.

Jacob Adams 12/31/12 - Installed pre-school playground equipment at Lions Park, Gilbert, IA.


Garrett Von Walden 08/23/13 - Planted trees at the new Gilbert Middle School.

Mitchell Cook 12/09/13 - Installed paving bricks at Gilbert Middle School entrance, Gilbert, IA.


James Howell 06/02/14 - Installed fencing and landscaped at Slide Mountain, Gilbert Elementary School, Gilbert, IA.

Quentin Hill 09/13/14 - Installed landscaping at Gilbert Lutheran Church, Gilbert, IA.

Seth Breyfogle 09/17/14 - Constructed portable bike rack for Gilbert Lutheran Church, Gilbert, IA.


Jaden Hasstedt 01/19/15 - Refurbished Pioneer Cemetery, Dayton Road, Ames, IA.